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43 months ago

Put on your dancing shoes and help me find fun songs about dancing. I don't want to see "Dance Me to The End of Love" here, only good beats.

the girl and the robot - Royksopp
Dror Ohana 42 months ago

feat. the amazing Rubin great one

Price Tag - Jessie J feat. B.O.B
Daphna Talmi 42 months ago

Oi, just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag...

Whiskey Eyes - Acollective
Einat Shaul 42 months ago

If you turn this on and don't immediately start dancing off the walls - you're dead inside.

43 months ago

where's the dance in here? ;-)

dancing - the walking man
Yoav Marder 43 months ago

One Of My Favorites

43 months ago

Oh man, I've been looking for this song for ever! Didn't know what it was called. Ignorance resolved!

43 months ago

happy to help :)

43 months ago


43 months ago

pure gold.

Tanzen - Tragic Error
Sheer Ganor 43 months ago

Quite tragic indeed

keep on jumping - musique
Eyal Rob 43 months ago

aint nothing like a disco party

Rhythm - Snap!
Daphna Talmi 43 months ago

you can feel it you can feel it

43 months ago

"..or are we dancer?" ;-)

42 months ago

i love this song

43 months ago

excellent pick

43 months ago

Oh wow.

43 months ago

GREAT! so cute

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
Ravid Rosen-Tal 43 months ago

The obvious choice - how did we miss that?

43 months ago

cool. i think the obvious choice is Tina, bit not enough beat there.

43 months ago

best song

dreaming - rainbow team
Ido Soen 43 months ago

Love that song, sounds a bit like Diana Ross but - shockingly enough - its not her!

43 months ago

welcome my beloved friend and a great first pick to start with!

43 months ago

thank you my beloved!

43 months ago

mental video. love it.

Eurodisco - Bis
Noa Lahav 43 months ago

Loved this song+goes well with the Black Kids

just dance the way i feel - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Daphna Talmi 43 months ago

too bad about the odd suicide :-(

God is a DJ - Faithless
Saar Grin 43 months ago

The original

43 months ago

so original it's not playing - the one you pasted is no-embed video :-(

Out Of The Blue - System F (Ferry Corsten)
Guy Bachar 43 months ago

more than 10 years had gone since it came out.... still Ferry Corsten's is a winner for all I care

Chase The Sun - Planet Funk
Guy Bachar 43 months ago

i'm flying away Running like the wind chased by the sun Up spinning around Circles in my mind sailing over ground

43 months ago

but it's not about your best dancing songs:) It songs about dancing. There's a difference.

43 months ago

Says who? :) if a gay theme is related to the tag - closet, than a dancing song can be related to dance theme :)

Let's Dance - David Bowie
Guy Bachar 43 months ago

My knees starts to shake when I hear this knock knock's at the background..........

D.A.N.C.E - Justice
Natti Baron 43 months ago

where can I buy such a tshirt?

43 months ago


43 months ago

I'm looking at Madonna licking the wall. I think she's missing calcium - osteoporosis is not to be taken likely.

Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Natti Baron 43 months ago

Just dance, it's gonna be ok. Didn't even know this one existed until I saw a mass of "if ur having a bad day, show them ur poker face, get a new telephone,call up Alejandro, and just dance!" on my twitter.

Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
Natti Baron 43 months ago

Imagine a weird looking dude popping out of your walls, dance on your table, then popping out again. Music to the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance scene (and countless sweded versions, esp. in weddings)

Remedy - Little Boots
Daphna Talmi 43 months ago

dancing is my remedy remedy

43 months ago


Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
Daphna Talmi 43 months ago

paris, stockholm and london finally united in 3mins

Off The Wall - Michael Jackson
Yonatan Sagiv 43 months ago

The Creme de la creme

43 months ago

No problem...