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44 months ago

We all travel sometimes, and occasionally we travel alone. Once in a blue moon, we're alone in the snow.

Coldest Winter - Kanye West
Noa Lahav 43 months ago

has all the words: cold, chill, winter, freeze, snow, so yonatan please chillax.

Castles in the Snow - Twin Shadow
Yonatan Sagiv 44 months ago

2 points for trendiness, 2 points for alternativeness, 2 points for snow, Noa Lahav eat my dust

In The Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes
Noa Lahav 44 months ago

I am not sure. I totally got the theme. This song is about loneliness and cold nights, so I guess I'm half way there?

Inside - Bang Gang
Daphna Talmi 44 months ago

i feel so alone....there was even a chill:-)

44 months ago

I also love it!

44 months ago

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Snowflakes - Just Jack
Natti Baron 44 months ago

more on the side of lonely than alone, sampling 'disintegration' quite nicely.

44 months ago

Just now i realize, it's sampling Lullaby.

Snow - Saint Etienne
Natti Baron 44 months ago

Sometimes the wind blows through the trees I think I hear you calling me But all I see is snow Everywhere I go As the cold Winter sun sinks low I walk alone through the snow

River - Joni Mitchell
Yonatan Sagiv 44 months ago

It's coming on Christmas/They're cutting down trees/They're putting up reindeer/And singing songs of joy and peace/Oh I wish I had a river/I could skate away on/But it don't snow here...

44 months ago

I think this is a win as far as the theme goes (win, as well as you stole my song)

44 months ago

Hey! i was planning on adding that all day >:|

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